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Leadership, Career and Agile Coaching At Glance

Leadership Coaching

If you are a manager, team lead, CEO or small business owner, coaching can help you become more aware of your own strengths and areas of growth, and how to use both in your work and personal life.
It is shown that 72% of managers being coached are better off than those who didn't receive coaching, according to a large-scale research on executive coaching!
• Coaching helped managers be more effective, confident, resilient and satisfied with their work, but also to receive better 360-degree reviews from their peers!

Career Coaching

• According to numerous studies, coaching has consistently shown to improve the coachee's 360-degree feedback ratings, their goals commitment and achievement, self-motivation, resilience and well-being!
• Coaching also has an impact on the coachee's personality by reducing neuroticism, general anxiety, impostor tendencies and burnout!
If you are looking to progress in your career or you are starting at a new position, coaching can become a superior tool you can use at any point of your life!

Agile Coaching (Teams)

• As an Agile Coach with hand-on experience in forming and running highly efficient teams, I want to bring that knowledge and help organisations to embrace agile methodologies.
• The agile way of working has shown to reduce production risks by making continuous iterations on the product and workflows that brings the team closer together and enables them to execute in time and quality.
• According to your team's needs, we'll tailor a custom set of workshops to focus on what is the most important area to grow your team.

Leadership Coaching

My mission is to enable
managers, leaders, and entrepreneurs to
make changes in their lives by coaching them to
build a system of continuous, iterative, and
incremental improvements to their work and personal life.

We can work together on any areas you want to change, including topics like:

Leadership Skills

Build your business and personal vision
Define your leadership style
Learn about your growing edges
Navigate through conflicts
Manage stakeholders and investors
Create your leadership system

Team Building

Forming new (remote) teams
Hiring the right people
Onboarding and offboarding
Defining employee's career path
Growing people and promoting them
Building trust and empathy

Career Coaching

In my 20 years long professional development during which I have changed my career a few times, worked solo and in teams of more than 50 people, led multiple onsite & remote teams, and started (and failed) my own business entities, I had insights into a broad spectrum of work ethics, team cultures, and personal relationships dynamics, from which I harness understanding, relatedness, and empathy with my clients' situations and challenges they are having today.

Career Change

Looking to change jobs?
Having difficulty with teammates?
It's hard to handle stress at work?
Is your job affecting personal satisfaction?

Professional Development

Not sure how to start at a new position?
Want to get promoted?
Looking to improve your soft skills?
Creating a work-life system that works?

If you answered with a ‘Yes‘ to any of the previous questions, 
book a FREE call to start changing your life today!

How coaching helps?

We are dealing with complex systems of human interactions, production, analytics, and ultimately with our own minds. To be able to understand and change that interconnected network of different areas of life, we look at individual parts on their own, and their interactions with the rest. We search for parameters, influences, actions, and behaviors to identify how we can keep rebalancing the overall equilibrium of our lives.

Know yourself

• Get clarity on your values, beliefs, assumptions, emotions and expectations
• Learn how to navigate challenging situations with yourself and others
• Double down on your strengths and discover your areas of growth
• Harness wisdom from past experiences

Improve Yourself

• Step out of the comfort zone to achieve more!
• Enhance your leadership and management skills to enable your team to deliver with motivation and dedication.
• Be the role model in your organization

My Experience with Coaching

I started my career as a full-stack web developer where I quickly grew to become a Tech Lead, having to manage teams of developers. That was the first sign for me to start looking into how to become a better manager. So I embarked on a journey of product & project management in the mobile gaming, automotive and mental health industries, inspired by the agile methodologies and seeing how it makes results in the "real" world. As a part of my agile coaching practise, I wanted to go deeper into understanding people I work with, so I took a transformational coaching course with an idea to enable others to strive in their business, but also personal life. As a Studio Co-Lead, I had opportunities to mentor and coach developers, designers, artists, and other managers, and I really enjoyed seeing their growth and progress. That is when I decided to expand my impact to others in need. For the past two years, I'm coaching people in 1:1 sessions as a leadership and career coach, and providing workshops to the teams around the world!

By being a coach, I'm noticing how we all share similarities, yet every one of us is unique!
I see paradigm shifts happening in my clients minds and attitudes, enabling them to implement changes and move forward at work or in life. I experience their wholeness when they get clarity of their purpose and direction that is aligned with their values.

By being coached myself, I'm learning and changing in many areas of my life, from everyday related behaviors and beliefs, to improving relationship with others (and myself), and connecting deeply with my whole being; physical, mental and spiritual. I find coaching as a set of tools for everyday life, and I like to think of it as a mirror, flashlight and battery. With a mirror I can reflect back on myself, with a flashlight I can see where to go next, and with a battery I give myself energy to go to the next step.

Coaching is truly transformational!

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